Gardiner Law | Providing Experienced Family Law, Divorce Law, Criminal Defense & Other Litigation

Gardiner Law | Providing Experienced Family Law, Divorce Law, Criminal Defense & Other Litigation

Rhode Island, Massachusetts, & Federal Courts

Gardiner Law handles litigation, consultation, contracts and criminal defense in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We have litigated two front page news cases involving Federal agencies in HUD enforcement actions against local property owners and we also practices in our Federal Courts. We serve the area and as we travel to court, we will meet with you at convenient locations throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts or as may be required.

Michael J. Gardiner has nearly 30 years of legal experience. Mike has also been a featured speaker in seminars on litigating boundary and easement disputes and tax aspects of real estate transactions and instruction for paralegals.

We litigate in all areas of law including family law, criminal law (DUI, moving violations, possession, etc.), personal injury law, employment law. We start every case with a free initial consultation, provide clear fee agreements and then will work diligently to meet your legal needs. Call us today to schedule your free initial consultation.

You Can Afford the Best Divorce Attorney

Experienced Attorney Warwick and Providence, RI

Injury cases are on a "no fee unless successful" , contingency basis. Flat rates are available for other matters, and clients who are current and timely are given preferred customer discounts. If you have a case that requires payment, but you need a pay as you go arrangement, or to pay with credit card, we can accommodate you. Maybe you still cant see how you can possibly pay. During your free initial consult, we will talk about that. Often there is a solution. You really can afford the best.

If you are in need of legal representation in the Warwick, Rhode Island area or statewide, or nearby Massachusetts, trust Mike Gardiner to represent you and to help you reach your legal goals. Gardiner Law prides itself on providing these skills at a value to each client. Do you know we've never sued a client for fees? We don't have to. Our fees are affordable. Its that simple and we succeed. And there is only one way a professional does their job; as best they know how. You can afford the best. Schedule your free initial consultation today!

At Gardiner Law, Legal Services are Affordable

If you have had an accident or injury in a car, at work, anywhere, affording legal services is not a concern. You have no worries about attorney fees. Our success will create the payment. If you are in trouble, we'll find a way to provide the legal services you need in a manner you can afford. We like what we do. We don't want to lose the opportunity to prosecute or defend a case of merit because of fees. Its true, our own obligations can't be paid in chickens, but at Gardiner Law, we are committed to providing services people can afford. There are some expenses for which a client is still responsible, that are apart from attorney fees, like filing fees and deposition and records costs but you can trust us to keep that to a minimum. We don't want expenses spoiling the result or preventing what needs to be done.

Quality Legal Services for Rhode Island & Massachusetts Clients

From Family Law, including divorces, to criminal law matters, we have you covered.

There are many criminal defense attorneys, personal injury lawyers, traffic offense attorneys, and workers compensation attorneys who are competent. What's different about Gardiner? Uniquely, Michael J. Gardiner has proven ability to try a case, or win using research and writing skills on brief, not only a critical component in every trial court, but in appellate Courts . And our service is more personal. While larger firms assign matters to associates, at Gardiner Law the attorney you retain is always your attorney and is available to you when you are worried, need reassurance, or need information or deeper understanding of your situation.

Our goal is take take charge, relieve you of worry, help you understand your situation and your rights and to get you the best possible legal outcome. Even if others have told you they think your case is poor or there is no hope, you have no rights, we'll talk to you and probably prove them wrong. Even if you were 90% at fault, you are entitled to recognition and relief of the 10% somebody else caused the harm. The published and reported Supreme court case victories and efforts you see on this page, were sometimes very old cases that needed someone to demonstrate insight and take charge of the case.

That has been a trademark of Gardiner law. We can sometimes see what others can't, help you a great deal when it seemed all was lost. When you are in need, trust us to be your personal injury attorney, divorce attorney, criminal defense attorney, traffic offense attorney, or workers compensation attorney.

Superior Advocacy on every Case

As your attorney, Mike Gardiner will fight for your future.

When you hire a personal injury lawyer, divorce lawyer, or a lawyer for any other matter, you are hiring someone who is going to be an advocate on your behalf in an adversarial situation. Compromise is possible and desirable but must be a consequence of a strong position. Mike Gardiner is one of the superior advocates in Rhode Island. From the initial pleadings in your compliant, or the initial answering of claims and charges, maintaining your innocence and appearing by your side to represent you in court, to appearing for you so you need not appear in some instances, to filing motions and supporting legal briefs, Michael J. Gardiner's advocacy skills are putting you in a strong position to either win your case or obtain the result you want by agreement. In the end, we understand that its is the results and outcomes that matter most. But the process can be an ordeal too, and we protect you all along the way, right from the start.

Published Cases

State vs. (name omitted for professional responsibility), 822 A.2d 931 (R.I. 2003)
Liberty Mutual v. Harbor Insurance 603 A.2d 300, R.I. (1990)
DiQuinzio v. Panciera Lease Co., 612 A.2d 40, 42 (R.I. 1992)
Root v. Providence Water Supply Bd. 850 A.2d 94 (R.I. 2004) at 100, 101 (representing Providence Water Supply Board)

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